A Visit to the Marsh – and a shocking discovery

19 02 2007

A Beaver Run The Pond Drained The Cattail Gang

A beautiful Sunday afternoon – and a perfect day to venture out to the cattails stands with the Club’s two charter members!  But instead of picture perfect beaver ponds we found 3 busted up dams and lots of mud!  The land’s owner must be preparing for developement, or has just gotten fed up with the beaver nuisance. 

All the ponds were drained except one, possibly overlooked by the machines….  still signs of the beaver family ‘tho, and freshly chewed bark and tree shoots.   If the work continues, I fear they (the beavers) will pack their suitcases and head off to points further out of town.  The cattail marsh this spring will be affected greatly by this disaster – and will not grow to the same extent as before.  But, we are excited about watching to see if the beaver stick around, and put up a fight.  Not to worry about the amount of cattails to harvest next year…it’s not like we’re supplying a pillow factory with cattail down.

Photos show the girls, and MAX – the intrepid and brave mascot of ISSOPWSWCP!



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