In 2005 David Bagley founded ISSOPWSWCP, or the “International Society Of People Who Sleep With Cattail Pillows”. It’s purpose is to connect people who harvest their own cattails for pillows and to spark interest of this useful plant to new generations.

Club Motto: “You’ll do good deeds, if you sleep on seeds!”
Club Pledge: “I promise to follow the four Pillow Club rules!

This PC, (pillow club), is a pretty loosey-goosey organization. There are NO meetings, NO newsletters, (except for the occasional memo from headquarters), and NO membership directories. However, there are society rules which all members must memorize and follow, or face immediate banishment:

  • Rule #1: Never, ever wash your pilow. Headquarters has no earthly idea what might result from this!
  • Rule #2: Never, ever have a pillow fight another member of the society. If the contents of the pillow were to escape, you would witness an extreme MM*!!!
  • Rule #3: All dogs with the name MAX are not allowed to chew on your pillow!
  • Rule #4 (voluntary): ADWYMS*

    *ISSOPWSWCP= International Secret Society Of People Who Sleep With Cattail Pillows
    *MM = Mom Meltdown
    *ADYMS = Always Do What Your Mom Says

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