11 02 2007

In 2005 my dad, David Bagley, founded ISSOPWSWCP … or the, “International Secret Society Of People Who Sleep With Cattail Pillows”. What is a cattail you may ask? Well, it’s a type of plant. A plant that grows a large compact mass of fluffy seeds once a year. These fluffy seeds are so soft they rival waterfowl down and kapok for softness. My dad discovered a large cattail marsh by our house two years ago and made the secret society’s first member a pillow.

My dad wasn’t the first person to use cattails for pillows. The indians, early settlers and pioneers, the navy during World War ll have all found many practical uses for “cattail down”.

Last year in Nov. and Dec. I was able to tag along with my dad and film some of the fun as he and other members of the society harvested cattail heads for making pillows.

This is a 13 minute mini-documentary of what we discovered and learned along the way.